If I can be completely transparent with you—I’ve been putting off typing this for awhile now. But after almost 6 months since our last post, I think it’s time to talk. 
Over the past 11 years we have had the honor of meeting some of the kindest, friendliest, and supportive people on the planet. People that have really encouraged us to keep going. I always told C it felt like our fans were more like family. You guys prayed for us when we needed it and always showed up when we for some reason doubted if there was anyone out there. 

As for pretty much everyone, 2020 was a tailspin. And even though we never claimed Turnaround as our “full-time jobs,” it never really felt like we took a break mentally—until then. It felt healthy to stop dreaming and planning and ask ourselves the tough questions like, “why are we still doing this?”

After a lot of wrestling with questions like that one and many others, I’ve had to come to the really tough realization that there is one right answer for the season we are in—and that is to put the brakes on Turnaround. That’s so hard to say because Turnaround has been such a huge part of our lives for the past 11 years. However, for that very reason I am finally finding peace in that decision.

For me, I don’t doubt that music will be something I will always be involved with in some way or another, but right now we have decided to turn our focus to Jesus, our spouses, and our families and to seek the Lord in what the next chapter in ministry looks like for each of us. 

To Colton: thank you for being a great friend and band mate. Thank you for the memories and believing in me all these years. I believe God has big things ahead for you.

And to you reading this now: thank you so much—for everything. Until next time…